Signature Locking Stash Box

Award winning Stash Box with built in lock and removable rolling tray.



Original Black Stash Box

Modern and sleek, this stash box features 2 removable dividers.



Natural Pine Stash Box

A more natural look for those with an urban style home decor. 



Faux Leather Locking Book

A faux book for those who are looking for discretion and security.



Wooden Rolling Trays

Portable rolling trays with a large area to hold your herb and sleeve to keep you papers upright.


Metal 4 Pc. Grinders

Heavy weight 4pc metal grinders with sharp shredders, keif catcher, and keif shovel.


Bamboo Stash Jars

Food grade reusable glass with tight seal bamboo lid. Comes in 1/8, 1/2, & 1oz sizes.


Glass Spoon Wood Grain Pipe

Hakuna Glass Spoon Pipe feature beautiful line wood grain patterns and flower bowl with carb.


Our Philosophy

Charitable Donation

We have dedicated a portion of our revenue to benefiting homeless veterans, wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

See Our Charities

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Our pop-up cafe serves Vegan and Organic beverages and pastries in sustainable compost packing.

Hakuna Hemp Cafe

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Seed Paper Packets

We include a unique seed-paper packet with every purchase. These sustainable packets include a biodegradable circle paper loaded with a mixture of pine and spruce seeds.

Seed Paper Packets

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Pipe Box Bundle

This pipe box bundle includes our 1/2 oz bamboo stash jar and our 5″ American blown glass pipe.

$59.95 (Includes Gift Wrap)

Rolling Box Bundle

The rolling box bundle includes our 1/8 oz bamboo jar, black 4pc grinder, wooden rolling tray, and RAW rolling paper bundle.


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