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A family is such bliss! You get to see your kids growing up, doing things on their own, accomplishing their goal, finding your stash…Wait! That’s probably something a parent has nightmares about...

Cannabis and Pets: How to Keep Our Furry Friends Safe

At the end of a long day, we just want is to sit back and enjoy a blunt. However, doing so is dangerous to our pets.  Regardless of if our pet is nearby, in the same room, or not in the room but happens to spend a lot of time in the room, the dangers still exist.  Read why!

9 Cannabis Laws you Probably Didn’t Know but Should…


Today one of our fellow employees came in and asked us if we knew the vehicle cannabis laws?  Needless to say... not a single person in our office knew them.  So we figured that there's a solid chance that nobody else really knows either.   Here I am now informing not only you... but the Hakuna Team as well.

8 Awesome Recreational Uses


As summer finally heads our way.  We figured it would be nice to share some of our favorite alternative ways to use Cannabis. From toothpaste to coffee... we made sure to add in a little something for everyone.  If you don't find one thing appealing we know you'll like another.  Let us know if you feel like we missed anything, or if you've tried something that absolutely must go on the list!


How Cannabis Benefits Veterans and Others Who Struggle with PTSD

We want to use Memorial Day not only to show our gratitude for those who have served, but to also take a moment to remember the sacrifices they made to protect our country. 

In this time, we would like to raise awareness on a very serious topic – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder better known as PTSD.  There are a large amount of people suffering with PTSD, including Veterans.  Even if you are not experiencing it yourself, this article will help to explain what PTSD is; the effects this condition has on the people we know and love; as well as the known benefits of cannabis used to help with the overwhelming PTSD symptoms.


Don't Smoke the Stems, Use Them

This is a common question I think we have all had before.  Um okay I could just throw these away but what if I could use them for something? Well here comes Hakuna Supply to save the day! The answer is YES, we do have some solutions for you.  At least one of these ideas have got to work for you.  For those who don’t know, smoking a stem will not get you high and it’s bad for you. It’s like smoking the stem of a rose. Why?  So, unless you are craving a nasty headache, we don’t recommend trying it. Now with that being said, we DO recommend holding on to those bad boys.


A stressful season for many of the affianced is approaching.  Wedding planning isn't exactly what one would consider an easy-going time.  It’s tough for all parties, whether you are a bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, guest, caterer, photographer, etc.; there’s much to be done.  We put our heads together and wondered how we could help?  Here's what we came up with! 

Cannabis, Love and pleasure

As Valentine’s Day comes closer we wanted to offer up a little bit of knowledge to help you spice up your special day.  Join us as we dig into Cannabis and Sex a little deeper, and share some tips for you to take advantage of.


Uses you've never considered

Cannabis is the quite possibly most controversial plant on our planet—half of the world is fighting to legalize it; the other half won’t budge. However, if we could all step back and recognize each other’s interests plus the vast potential of the cannabis plant there may be a great compromise. With that being said, let’s take the first step and look at some less known possibilities of this plant.

Cannabis and Athletic Performance

It’s Called a Runners High for a Reason   It’s clear that moderate intake of weed is beneficial for your overall functioning. However, one question remains – can it actually improve your athletic performance? Interestingly enough, there is a precedent. Back in 1998 in the Japan Olympic Games, the first place finisher was Ross Rebagliati. He was positively tested for cannabis in his blood, and this called for his performance to be questioned.

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The Better the Storage the Better the High

Understanding the proper storage for your weed is an important factor in maintaining the potency of the product that you’ve just shelled out some dough for. You paid for it. Therefore, you might as well get the most out of it. Before you buy any more of the jazz cabbage make sure you have the best items to store it properly. Luckily, with the right information, you can easily keep your weed longer without having to worry about it losing its potency. Here are some key tips to consider.

How Marijuana Conquered the World

Starting from the dwelling place of the ancient gatherers and hunters to the Viking Ship and the early civilization in China, the history of cannabis is wide and encompassing.  The recently released study gave a detailed history on the use of marijuana.  In a report that was published by Barney Warf, he explained how weed originated in the Asian region thousands of years ago, before it finds its way in the different state of United States.  In its greater part of weed history, it has been utilized by different culture for spiritual and medicinal purposes.  For instance, the Germans and the Viking used cannabis as a pain reliever for the women when delivering their child and for the kids to suppress the pain of a toothache.  The notoriety of cannabis on being an ‘evil element’ is only formulated recently.  The fact that it became an illegal drug remains a mystery.

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Cannabis Health Benefits you may be Unaware of

With a lot of states in the U.S. decriminalizing the medical and personal usage of Marijuana, a lot of scientists have that opportunity to see the true function of cannabis. Numerous studies have supported the fact that there are myriads of health benefits that we can reap from smoking marijuana. Even during the time that Marijuana is considered as a controlled substance, experts attested to the benefits that it can provide for medical purposes. Here are the top health benefits from cannabis that have been proven by comprehensive research and studies.