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Cherry Cheesecake | Hobart’s Haze CBD Flower


When you check out the CBD flower strain Cherry Cheesecake, you’ll notice it has a deliciously potent smell. The flower emits a fruity, sweet aroma with hints of dark chocolate. True to its name, when broken up, the buds release an almost cheesy, classicly dank scent with fruity overtones. A cross between Kimbo Kush and Cherry pie, this strain takes the best of both and creates a pleasurable and tasty toke. Cherry Cheesecake is known for its delicious berry flavor with a lightly creamy, chocolatey exhale.

This popular strain has a well-known linage known for its tasty, potent flower, not to be confused with similarly named strains like Black Cherry Cheesecake. This CBD flower is dark green with hints of purple. Bright orange pistles give the buds a pop of color with ample amber trichomes.

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Enjoy the smooth and fragrant flavor of our artisanal boutique Hobart’s Haze CBD Flower, Cherry Cheesecake

Bred exclusively for your enjoyment, Hobart’s Haze is a cannabinoid-rich gourmet strain hemp farmed under the Federal Hemp Program. Every batch is hand-cut, naturally cured, and trimmed with care.

Our sativa dominant hemp is Non-GMO, thoroughly lab-tested, and non-psychoactive.

All Hakuna products are built around the circle of life with sustainability in mind. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the world wildlife fund.

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