9 Trends Shaping the Future of Cannabis

With the changing times, several advancements are emerging in the cannabis market. From people promoting its legislation, to the various cannabis infused products. It’s obvious that cannabis has made quite the entrance. With the potential of being the cure for an array of illnesses, as well as a simple solution to so many other things… we thought we would share 9 … Read More

Cannabis Safety: How to Keep Your Kids Out of Your Stash

A family is such bliss! You get to see your kids growing up, doing things on their own, accomplishing their goal, finding your stash…Wait! That’s probably something a parent has nightmares about, right? Even if you love cannabis, you obviously love your children more! So you need to make sure that your own “me-time” does not mess with their health … Read More

Cannabis and Pets: How to Keep Our Furry Friends Safe

At the end of a long day, we just want is to sit back and enjoy a blunt. However, doing so is dangerous to our pets.  Regardless of if our pet is nearby, in the same room, or not in the room but happens to spend a lot of time in the room, the dangers still exist.  Here’s why.   … Read More

Stash your Cannabis this Wedding Season

We’re reaching a stressful season for many the affianced out there… oh yes, you guessed it!  Wedding season, and it’s just around the corner.  As you can imagine it’s not exactly what one would call an easy-going time.  It’s tough for all parties whether you are a bride, groom, bridesmaid, maid of honor, best man, guest, caterer, decorator, photographer, etc.; … Read More