Responsibility, Sustainability, Equality, Integrity

Hakuna Supply is a cannabis storage solution company that is built on a problem free philosophy,

We focus on four core pillars—Responsibility, Sustainability, Equality, Integrity. These pillars hold us true to our vision of creating sustainable supply chains and products.

As important as the circle of life; is the respect of life. Our ‘No More Worries’ tag line is our guarantee that any issue that arises will be treated equally and honestly by our exceptional customer service.

Join us in living a Problem Free Lifestyle!

Hakuna Supply – ‘No More Worries”

Hakuna Club Benefits

  • FREE Returns within 21 days of receiving your order
  • FREE Returns within 60 days if there is a problem
  • Entry into contests and giveaways
  • Special promotions
  • 2 emails a month with our featured articles and products

Circle of Life Promise

Hakuna Supply promises to continue the circle of life. As we contribute negatively to the environment, we will also contribute positively. We promise that for every Hakuna bundle sold we will donate $1.00 to charitable environmental causes.